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My two main lines of research at the RJB are the study of phylogenetic relationships based on morphological and molecular characters in different orders of Basidiomycotina (Boletales, Cortinariales, Gomphales, Russulales and Tulostomatales) and studies of fungal-plant coevolution using different genera of parasitic fungi as models.

My experience in molecular techniques for the identification and characterization of organisms has led me to establish a close collaboration with different centers, both national and international, and to join their research lines. Studies on fungi range from the analysis of the viability and germination of spores to the characterization of secondary metabolites or the establishment of databases that help in the identification of ectomycorrhizal fungi at the mycorrhizal level. Also, we are analyzing phylogenetic relationships in different genera of lichens and parasitic plants.

2019Rusevska, K., Calonge, F.D., Karadelev, M., Martín, M.P. (2019). Fungal DNA barcode (ITS nrDNA) reveals more diversity that expected to Tulostoma from Macedonia. Turkish Journal of Botany 43:102-115. DOI

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The councilman of the area of Youth and Finance, Domingo Paredes, who is promoting the festival has explained that the announcement of the concert has had a huge acceptance despite the small margin between the announcement that there would be tour and concert programming in Torrevieja.

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At this time there is detail in the profile of each of the procedures, questions of bidders and contracting tables of numerous contracts for works, services and supplies of the City of Torrevieja for an amount much less than 197,000 euros. In addition, the cost to the City Council -without option to discount- for the cache and logistics of the concert is 197,000 euros, but the economic value of the contract exceeds half a million euros: a figure that would be reached if the 20,000 tickets were sold.

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20:4311/1/2022Presentan moción de interpelación contra ministro del Ambiente, Rubén RamírezAfter learning about alleged benefits in jobs in the Ministry of Environment in a newspaper report, the congressman of the Partido Morado Edward Málaga presented a motion of interpellation against the minister Rubén Ramírez.

19:1711/1/2022Minister Eduardo González will not go to Congress to answer for Salaverry’s appointmentThe Minister of Energy and Mines, Eduardo González, informed that this Wednesday, January 12, he will not be able to attend the Energy and Mines Commission due to the fact that he already had another activity scheduled for that date. The Minister was to be consulted on the appointment of Daniel Salaverry as President of Perupetro’s Board of Directors.

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19:0211/1/2022Aníbal Torres on attorney Daniel Soria: “I have never said that I am going to dismiss him””I never pronounced the expression ‘dismissal of the attorney’. The review of the file did, because there were a series of denunciations in the media and also in social networks about that fact”, clarified the minister during the press conference of the 2021 management balance.

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In one of the cars surrounded by flames was Francisco Seoane Pérez, an expert in Political Communication at the Carlos III University, who recorded how the flames were spreading. In the video, some passengers can be heard saying “he is stopped” and “what is he doing”, while their nervousness is evident on their faces.

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Around midday, Renfe reported the establishment of “an alternative road transport plan between Zamora and Sanabria AV for passengers on the affected trains”. “Derived from a fire near the track and outside the railway operation between Sanabria AV and Zamora, the Alvia 4064 Ferrol-Madrid and 4105 Madrid-Ourense will make the Sanabria-Zamora section by road”.

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