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El Mes Nacional de la Herencia Latina es un momento en el que todos podemos reunirnos para CELEBRAR nuestros orígenes únicos. Sin embargo, el NLHM no siempre fue una celebración de un mes de duración. A partir de 1968, la administración de Lyndon Johnson inició la Semana de la Herencia Hispana, un momento para conmemorar la historia, la cultura y las contribuciones de las personas Latinx en los EE.UU..

La Semana de la Herencia comenzó el 15 de septiembre, día de la independencia de los países del triángulo norte de Centroamérica, incluidos Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras y Nicaragua, además de los días de la independencia de México y Chile, que tienen lugar los días 16 y 18 de septiembre.

En 1988, la Semana de la Hispanidad se amplió hasta convertirse en la celebración de un mes de duración que es hoy. A mediados de la década de 2000, muchas organizaciones cambiaron el Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana por el Mes Nacional de la Herencia Latinx para englobar la diversidad de nuestras comunidades.

El Mes Nacional de la Herencia Latina se ha convertido en sinónimo de celebración y educación sobre las ricas tradiciones de las comunidades latinas, a la vez que abraza la diversidad, el multiculturalismo y la interseccionalidad de nuestras identidades.

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50 kilos of vegetables, more than 60 people of all ages, two kitchens, a few pots and a lot of desire to learn, count and cook. So began the day on Saturday September 15 in Valdezarza, where neighbors of the neighborhood came down to the now known as Plaza Lugar Poetas, dressed in their aprons and loaded with anecdotes and stories about their relationship with gardens, the countryside and crops in general.

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As in the previous workshop, we had a large representation of the Association Familias Enlazadas, which hosts at its headquarters the project La Colmena que dice Sí de La Dehesa de la Villa, focused on supporting local and proximity consumption. Fran, the beekeeper, explained to us what these consumption groups consist of, where we can buy from fruits and vegetables to processed products such as cheese, bread or oil. Right now, they also distribute Sierra, a brand of craft beer made by several neighbors of Valdezarza.

While everyone was busy cutting vegetables, squeezing lemons, boiling potatoes or stirring stir fry, the fantabulous Mico team kept the kids who came to the square very entertained. Together they built a wooden structure, representing a greenhouse in which to play and experiment using different materials. Once the greenhouses were ready, they drew the products that are usually found in them or in the gardens, while they told which ones they usually eat and thought about the tools needed to maintain them. As a souvenir of the workshop, each child took their own pot with a planted seed, but not before reminding them of the necessary care that plants require.

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At the Princesa Yaiza Resort you will find a wide variety of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the best international cuisine. In the hotel you will find several restaurants specialized in different types of cuisines of the world and a variety of bars to choose the atmosphere you like the most on your vacation.

At Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5* you will find a wide variety of activities so that you don’t need to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. You can enjoy our Spa Thalasso center with a wide range of treatments, the different activities in the gym, a day of shopping in the Shopping center… Enjoy a full vacation in Lanzarote.

The Fariones Sports Center is undoubtedly one of the best sports centers in Lanzarote. 14 000 square meters complete with swimming pools and various sports courts in the heart of Puerto del Carmen.

The newly renovated Hotel Fariones represents a new concept in the hospitality industry in the Canary Islands. In 2020 it reopened its doors as a sophisticated 5-star space, with 213 rooms, 3 restaurants, bars, lounges and an impressive infinity pool in a privileged location on the island of Lanzarote, on the seafront, in the heart of Puerto del Carmen and with direct access to an idyllic cove.

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Renewal of collaboration agreements with families (through a school meeting), City Hall (visit to the center by Mayor Esther Sanchez) and PLACEAT (through a phone call). –

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Sale of organic products in seasonal seasonsCHALLENGE 3: ECOLOGICAL GARDEN WORKSHOPCHALLEN CHALLENGE 3: CRAFT WORKSHOPCRAFT WORKSHOP: During the second and third quarter we have made a series of handmade products, every Friday from 09:00 to 11:00, which have been sold in the month of May to achieve their proposed objectives. The activities we have developed were: –

Games that promote Concentration and Balance (Suspend, Block Block, Perplexus, Masterman, Lince, Tragabolas and games for the Nintendo Switch (Labo and the road education circuit).CHALLENGE 3: GAMES WORKSHOPChALLENGE 3: GAMES WORKSHOPCHALLENGE 4: TRAININGDuring the three school trimesters we have trained with different institutions or organism, and different activities have been developed, to develop the objectives of the SIEE and the ODS.-.

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