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Survivors Direct 2022

Hollywood actors have also starred in roles where nudity was one of the choices they had to make to be part of the films. In the gallery you see the actors on the big screen as they came into the world.

Hollywood actresses, many of whom appeared at the Oscars gala last weekend, have had to do some nudity for their roles. The ranking compiled by Mr. Skin, a specialized website, lists the nudity that has been

Controversy in China, where a street magician has been arrested in the city of Sichuan after committing a crime of harassment. The reason? He was performing magic tricks that he used as an excuse to touch the breasts of women who stopped to attend to him.

‘Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs’ is a South Korean film based on the classic Snow White, which questions the canons of beauty and whose trailer has caused a strong controversy in social networks. The film tells the story of seven little princesses who

Social networks have been filled with comments against Canal Sur for a piece broadcast on its evening news about the arrival in Andalusia of 267 people in 9 small boats. The reason for the criticism? That the graphic support differentiated the “inmi

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In the program presented by Nuria Marín, they comment that Rosa’s entourage is very worried because her boyfriend, who also acts as her manager, is taking the singer’s career in a direction that they don’t like at all.

“He has an idea of what Rosa Lopez wants to do but he is not aware of what Rosa Lopez really is. He thinks that the way to make Rosa a star is to treat her like a star,” says this anonymous confidant.

Risto is back: The new season of Got Talent has just begun, he has returned to take charge of Todo Es Mentira after his summer vacation and, in this back to school 2022, Risto is taking time for everything… Even to enjoy his daughter!

What’s going on, what’s going on, why is Rafa Mora allowed to do everything on Sálvame? They are creating a new Kiko Matamoros but without grace or talent. An aggressive being, who plays at being despicable and with the protection of Alberto (the director of the program) allows himself to do things like what we have seen.

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Anabel Pantoja desperate to eatAs always, the delivery of Supervivientes 2022: No Man’s Land has started with the reward test. A game that has won Nacho Palau and has had the responsibility to decide what to do with the pizza that Lara Alvarez has given him. There was only one rule: “You can eat whatever you want but you have to leave something behind”.

What the survivors did not know is that only the first three classified in the test could taste the delicacy and that did not please Anabel Pantoja as the fourth classified. “I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t take it anymore,” she exclaimed as she ran away from the live show and Lara went to look for her. Fortunately, everything has remained in a momentary slump…

Alejandro is sincere in the bridge of emotionsAlejandro has been one of the great protagonists of Supervivientes 2022: No Man’s Land. And the fact is that the participant has faced the bridge of emotions and, although he was afraid, he has opened up talking about paternity, separation, betrayal, jealousy and forgiveness.

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Kivnon, an international group specializing in automation and mobile robotics, will attend Logistics & Automation 2022 and showcase its safe and versatile K55 AGV/AMR Forklift Pallet Stacker. Emphasizing forklift safety, the K55 is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure safe operations while collaborating, moving and reacting in a facility….

Element Logic adds another milestone in its commitment to intelligent warehousing. The warehouse automation and robotization specialist takes another step forward in logistics innovation with the integration of the unit picking robot into AutoStore, the fastest compact storage and order picking system per square meter on the market.

Jungheinrich Profishop, the e-commerce site of the renowned intralogistics solutions provider, is launching a new stacker truck onto the market. The new PSE 1.2 model joins the Jungheinrich Profishop portfolio under the Ameise brand umbrella to replace its predecessor, the PSE 1.0 stacker. The new PSE 1.2 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and promises a load capacity of up to 1,200 kg, 20% more than the previous model….

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