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He remembers his first minibasket match (in the courtyard of Colegio San Ignacio) and the hours on the court of El Plantío until the player from Bierzo of OAR Ferrol, Ángel Sevilla, encouraged him to try out.

He played against the JT with “ambientazo” in the Pavilion of La Borreca two decades before Ciudad de Ponferrada took the baton: “They have to be patient and keep working because they are not easy categories”.

With the competition in the perimeter of players like Barcelona’s Epi or Madrid’s Biriukov, the ‘7’ of OAR Ferrol was international in the 1989 Eurobasket in Zagreb: “That experience was tremendous”.

Although for little in Ponferrada, he knows well what a reconversion is. “Before the crises passed here a little sideways and there have been brutal”, he says about the loss of thousands of jobs in the shipyards in Ferrol.

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-It sounds like an obstacle course, although it wasn’t like that. All championships are the same, there is no championship in which you can say that everything is wonderful. The level is brutal and teams with top level players are left out, because they lack a bit of balance between the individual and the team. Some people say that the turning point was the defeat against Belgium, for me the key was to beat Turkey, that gave us the measure of the possibilities of the selection, although the level is very high and it is hard no matter who you face.

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This initiative started on Saturday with a meeting in the pine forests of the area of Puente Blanca – Cristo Rey to collect species. The day was a resounding success with an influx of about 80 people who started in front of the church of Cristo Rey, in the recreation area, and then went to the pine forest next door where more neighbors arrived.

The payment (16,00€) can be made by bank transfer or bizum.14:57November 03, 2022Aitor Coterón and casting techniques, and Entre truchas y salmones ,digital magazine, about trout and salmon fishingToday in Río de la vida we bring you a very complete program by the hand of:

  La nueva españa de aller

14:46October 31, 2022Roberto San Juan, and the fishing of Giant Doradas, in Tarragona, and invasive plant in the Guadiana River in BadajozToday Thursday on Rio de la vida Roberto San Juan on Rio de la vida , and the fishing of Giant Doradas, in Tarragona. And in listener’s corner

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